Monday, May 5, 2014

Matter : Mixtures

The first definition from each words is from Discovery Education Interactive Glossary . The second defintion from a word is from NinjaWords.

Dear Readers,
I learned that there are two kinds of matter, mixtures and pure. "Mixtures: matter made of two or more substances mixed together but not chemically." This quote is from a video segment called What is a Mixture? on Pure substances are a substance that is compounded. Compounds "are combinations of elements that been chemically combined." This quote is from another video on called Chemical Properties of Mixtures. Mixtures are kind of related to physical changes. A physical change is when a matter changes its shape,size, or state but does not make a new substance. For example "If you take an ice cube and let it melt in a glass, it becomes liquid water. If you put the water in the freezer, it turns back into ice." This example was from a article called Changes to Matter.  There are two types of physical changes, dissolving and solutions. Dissolving is when a solid disappears into a liquid for example when you add sugar to a cup of coffee. "When you dissolve a solid into a liquid, you make a solution." This quote is also a quote from the article called Changes to Matter. A solution is a physical mixture that is hard to separate. When the sugar dissolved it is hard to separate the sugar from the coffee. There are couple of ways to separate a mixture, by filtering, evaporation, and using magnets. Filtering is used to separate solids from liquids. For example you sand from water. We use evaporating to separate particles that disappear in he water like salt. Last not least we use magnet to separate little pieces of iron from other particles like sand.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Matter: Mass and Matter


 Dear Readers,
I'm in a new unit in science called Mass and Weight. In this blog post will be a summary of my learning by using the website

      I got this piece of information from the video segment Measuring Volume and Mass of a Matter  
"You can measure the volume and mass of all matter. " Matter is anything that takes up space. Matter has mass and weight. Matter also has volume. According to discovery education interactive glossaryvolume is the amount of space inside a matter. There are three types of matter solid, liquid, and gas.  Each type of matter has these two properties. According to the article What is Matter ? gas sometimes could be tricky you can think about it like when you put some air inside a balloon you could see it expand that means that the air took space inside the balloon. Matter also can react with other matter. According to this video called Matter: Definitions and Explanation some matter also create other matter. For example when you get the juice out of an apple. First the apple is hard and red. The apple juice is wet and brown.
     When I watched the video  Weight and Mass I understood that Weight and mass are not the same thing they are different but they both are a property of matter. Mass is the amount of substance in a matter. For example if you had a cube made of plastic its mass would be plastic because plastic is the substance that the matter was made out of.  Weight is the pull of gravity between masses. According to the video Weight  I understood that Weight depends on gravity but mass does not. The word gravity means a force that exists between any two objects that have mass. The definition was according the interactive glossary  .   In the video Discovering the Benefits of Less Gravity  I understood that weight changes from a planet to a planet. Weight and mass are very important because they are around us in everything.  In the interactive glossary I  learned that  there are some some spaces that are called vacuum not like a vacuum that you clean the carpet with it means an area that does not have any matter in it.  
     Mass and weight are properties that all matter have. From the video Measuring and Mass of Matter I understood that mass is measured by kilograms. One kilogram is equal to one thousand grams. Grams do not weight much, A nickel is about 5 grams and a baseball is about 150 grams Weight is measured with pounds and ounces.  According to the video Liquid .We measure mass with a scale. If you wanted to measure the weight of a liquid like water, you'd put the cup with no water inside it and weight it on a scale then at water to the cup. When the you get more weight subtract the weight of the cup that was filled with water from the weight of the cup by itself then you will get the weight of the water . For example if you had a cup the weights 1 pound and when you added water it weighted 2 pounds. Subtract  2 - 1 = 1 the water weights one pound. Matter is also measured in volume. The volume of solid could be measured with cm 3. ft 3, in 3 . . . The three represents a three denominational shape. A cube is a three denominational shape.
     You are matter. You take space you have mass. You also have your weight. Your weight changes from a planet to a different planet to another. According to the video Discovery The Benefits of Less Gravity. The smaller the planet is the less amount of gravity the bigger the planet is the more gravity there is. The moon is smaller than the earth so if you go to the moon you will weight a lot less. You also will jump way higher than you do at the earth. When there is less gravity things fall slower than usual they also go further.    According to this exploration I knew that on the moon you weight less because the is less gravity. The moon is 1/6 of the earth but Jupiter is bigger than the earth.
      According to the article Build Strength Fast . The mass of an object is the same amount of all the parts together. If you but a car ( toy)  brake it into pieces it will still be the same weight as when the car was brand new. The idea is that the mass of an object is the same as the weight of all parts. This is also called the conservation of mass. Another example is if you weighted an empty cup and it was one pound of you break it into parts and then weight all the pieces together .

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm


Dear Readers,
I recently finished the book Judy Moody and the Bad Luck Charm by Megan McDonald.  This time Judy finds a lucky coin. The first time she used it she got three stuffed animals in a row. The second time is when her teacher Mr.Todd asked her to spell a word. Judy was not sure how to spell the word so she started looking around then suddenly she saw the word written on a poster. The third lucky thing happened to Judy was that she found ten dollars in the bathroom she made a ring with it.       One day Judy went to the bathroom she just wanted to take a little brake so she sat on the toilet but she still had her pants on. When she was reading to go back to the class, the lucky coin was inside the toilet. Judy  had no choice so she put her hand and garbed it so quickly and washed her hand. When she came back Mrs. Todd asked her another word she had no luck and didn't get it right. Do you think her luck was wash out or flushed by the toilet? The question will be answered when you read the book.
        I liked this book because Judy Moody did nor give up because she lost all of her good luck.
    I recommend this book to anybody who would like to read it !


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Because of Mr. Terupt

Dear Readers,
I recently finished the book Because of Mr. Terupt   by Rob Buyea . This book is about a fifth grade class. The important characters are Jessica the new girl but smart, Luke the brain, Alexia a friend the next second a bully, Danielle does not have any trust in her self, Anna any troubles or bad things make her like an outsider or a weirdo,Peter the trouble maker, and Mr. Terupt. Mr. Terupt is the teacher of the fifth grade class  . He always makes the class a super fun place. He helps the students he changes them. He did all the great stuff.
     One day everything changes. When their principle says yes to them to play outside in the snow.  Mr. Terupt gets hit in the head and he got a concotion and now he is in a coma. The class felt terrible because Mr. Terupt needs a brain surgery but the brain surgery does not always work some people could die of it      . . . Any questions? They will be answered when you read the book.
     I liked this fictional book because I made a connection that our teacher makes our class the funnest place to be in the same thing with Mr. Terupt but when one of them is absent the class would be the most boring one ever.
     I recommend this book to anybody who would like to read it. If you'd like to read the book online go to this link. If you'd like to read the second one go to this link. The author also has his own website to check it out go to this link  

Monday, April 7, 2014



Dear Readers,
I recently finished the book Breathing by Anna Sandeman. This book talk about how we breathe and why. Every living thing needs air to survive we get the air by breathing.  But every animal has it one way and different size of lungs. Our lungs are protected by our rib cage. Under your lungs there is a muscle called the diaphragm. When the diaphragm pushes down it gives some space to the lungs to bring in oxygen. When the diaphragm pushes up it makes the lungs get rid of carbon dioxide.
     When you sneeze you are getting rid of germs your body does not want at all. Hiccups are caused by your diaphragm suddenly tightening so that you take a short gasp of air. The sound of a Hiccup is when you vocal cords start snapping shut. How do people get Asthma? How does air travel to the lungs? Why do we need oxygen? These questions and other ones you have will be answered when you read the book
    I liked this Non - Fictional book because I love to learn about the human body. And because I learned a lot of this book for my unit in science.
     I recommend this book to my fifth grade class because this book could help them understand this unit.